A one-stop-shop for construction insulation in Vienna and Lower Austria. We have everything you need to modernize an historic or new building from façade to basement to attic. Years of cooperation with partner companies allow us to offer full renovations at very competitive prices and excellent service. In addition to construction services we also provide locksmith, electrician, window replacement, and metal and roofing services. We also provide all standard testing systems currently on the market. Our highly trained staff work in accordance to strict specifications of ÖNorm and processing guidelines.


Bständig is a traditional, independent and innovative trading company with 31 locations in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. The company was founded in 1912 and is third and fourth generation family owned. We offer an extensive catalogue are healthcare and nursing products, fitness and wellness products, orthopedic equipment, medical rental equipment and more. Our customers are doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, medical and orthopedic shops. Experienced nurses and committed staff offer professional consultation. Patients are cared for at home in familiar surroundings.

FMADE software & solutions

fmade is an IT service company specializing in the automotive industry. 500 dealerships are served with "fsales" (CRM system / Sales Workplace) in Austria, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. Additionally, fmade also provides solutions for manufacturers and importers.


We tell stories with moving pictures, provide content, and entertainment for comedy, shows, fictional programs and advertising for your brand. Deddication to our clients is our core business philosophy. Some of our productions may be familiar to you from TV and advertising. Our professional team and extensive network of specialists guarantee that your project is first class and second to none.

LIWEST Kabelmedien GmbH

LIWEST is the largest cable operator in Upper Austria with approx. 124,000 customers in over 200,000 households. As competent and reliable partner, LIWEST offers the latest in technology and extensive expertise. In remote areas, all services and amenities are offered with uncompromising quality.

LIWEST customers are ready for future technology: internet  bandwidths up to 250 mbit download and 25 bit upload, high-quality TV with up to 300 channels, super affordable fixed telephone rates and a broad range of services.


Mare Austria, was founded in the 1970s and operates under the company Niklacell. Core business is focused on the production of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). Our brand name NIKLACELL stands for high quality and reliability. We work in close partnership with our customers to understand their needs and to maintain and improve high quality standard.

Based in Styria, our environmentally friendly production process with zero emissions is optimized for our manufacturing process. Niklacell is now a part of the Mare Group and new product lines have been added. Traditional CMC production has been expanded. We have developed CMC grades which can be adapted to our customers technical and cost requirements. Our Linz branch sells Mare Group products for the paper industry (excluding CMC). A new facility was built in 2013 at our Niklasdorf plant, which produces special products for the paper and wastewater treatment industry.

NEXT SYSTEM VertriebsgesmbH

An established value added company in industrial electronics. We offer high-quality technical components and system solutions in drive technology, industrial computers and touch display solutions and are dedicated to developing new technologies based on our specific know-how. We maintain our customers high standards by working with leading innovative worldwide manufacturers. High quality and professional system solutions, active partnerships and an excellent price-performance ratio are the basis of our success.


We plan, produce and manage high-quality elevator systems for demanding architectural requirements and create stable prospects and development opportunities for a rapidly changing national and international environment. Growth, flexibility and adaptation are the basis for meeting future challenges and are the basis for mutual respect in corporate culture. We are a family run business with traditional values of responsibility to employees, customers and partners.



The famous blue metal case was the begin of a unique success story 40 years ago. The classic Sortimo case with removable plastic boxes is a well-established product. This smallest unit for tools and small parts was the basis for our expansion. We went from a medium-sized company to a leader in the global technology market. For nearly four decades, Sortimo International GmbH has developed, manufactured and sold successful customized vehicle equipment solutions. Our current product portfolio includes solutions for companies in commerce, trade and industry.


SYSTEM LOGISTICS creates customized, individual and business logistic concepts. Our holistic development process with customers is the basis for logistical partnerships. We guarantee satisfaction with a maximum of know-how, experience, customization, and commitment! Customers trust our bespoke logistical system concepts.

TARKETT Holding GmbH

Over 125 years of experience: an extensive range of integrated flooring solutions make Tarkett the No. 1 partner around the world.

Tarkett is a leading manufacturer of flooring for commercial and residential properties including sports floors. Our customers include architects, decision-makers and property owners as well as wholesale and retail partners. Tarkett has a comprehensive knowledge of market and customizing requirements. The extensive Tarkett product range includes wide range of design-oriented and durable flooring for almost all applications: homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC flooring, linoleum, design coverings, vinyl, laminate and wood. We also have artificial turf and other sports surfaces. With over 125 years experience in producing sustainable, inspiring and safe floors and sports flooring solutions, Tarkett's goal is to improve quality of life and the profitability of our customers world wide.